Spa Pedicure $30
French Pedicure $35
Lavender Pedicure
Treatment includes a regular service with lavender sugar scrub and warm lotion.
Margarita Pedicure
This is a treatment which includes a regular services, a lemon sugar scrub, lime soaking water with fresh limes, a lime based massage oil, Includes 10 min reflexology & warm paraffin 
Peppermint Pedicure
Cool and relaxes stress-out skin. Alleviates swollen & tired feet. This service has intense exfoliation using eucalyptus peppermint extract. Includes 10 min reflexology and parafifn on heels.
Green Cucumber Pedicure 
This pedicure blend is formulated with natural sugar crystals to reduce calluses and eliminate dry, rough skin. Include 15 min reflexology with hot stone.
Chocolate Pedicure
Indulge yourself with a suger scrub and the sweet aroma of chocolate. Includes 10 min reflexology and parafffin on heels.
Green Tea Pedicure 
Soak in rich antioxidants. Boost your skin immunity. Detoxify and protect your skin. Includes 10 min reflexology & parafin.
Enliven Special Pedicure 
Includes regular service, peppermint oil soak, peppermint sugar scrub, 25 minute foot massage with hot stone and finishing with warm paraffin wax for relaxation.