Swedish Massage

Utilizing long, broad strokes that work deep into tissues and bones, a Swedish massage from Enliven Spa offers the ultimate in relaxation, all while detoxing the body and increasing circulation and oxygen flow
60 minutes - $85

Deep-tissue Massage

Deep-tissue massage is the ideal solution for those suffering from sports injuries or severe stiffness and pain. By addressing the core symptoms within the muscles and tissue, a Enliven Spa deep-tissue massage promotes healing, wellness, and overall relaxation.
60 minutes - $95

Signature Massage

East meets West with Enliven Spa's signatue massage. Using pressure from the fingers and palms, a shiatsu  massage targets acupressure points to restore the body's natural pure balance while eliminating toxins and stress.
90 minutes - $125

Warm Stone Massage

Heated river stones are skillfully used with massage strokes, adding a unique enhancement to the overall massage experience.
60 minutes - $100

Express Massage

A quick relaxation to your full body
30 minutes - $45